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Economics 202a People, Spring 1998

J. Bradford DeLong


Course People

This page will be a reference to the people in Economics 202a--the professor (me), the section leader[s], and the students.

In order to get this page up and running, I need all students to send me (a) an e-mail message with your e-mail address (and whatever other information you want posted), and (b) a picture (ideally a small .gif file attached to an e-mail message).

As always seems to happen, the Econ 202a Syllabus page has become the most up-to-date and current page on this course.


J. Bradford DeLong

(510) 643-4027 (w); (510) 283-2709 (h)
office hours: W 10-12 Evans 601

Petra Geraats


Chang-Tai Hsieh


John C. Bluedorn, ECON

Carlo Cafiero, ARE

Christopher S. Carpenter, ECON

Elizabeth U. Cascio ECON

Ethan D. Chorin, ECON

Kevin D. Desai, ECONU

Atanu K. Dey, ARE

Jonathan J. Hale, ARE

H. Peter Hess, Jr., ARE

Darrin Kinney, PHYSU

Michikazu Kojima, ARE

Erling R. Larsen, ECON

Yunbog Lee, ECON

Ethan Lewis, ECON

Keng-Yi Lin, ENG

George Malick, ARE

Erin Mansur, ECON

Erin McCormick, ARE

Michelle S. McGregor, ARE

Petra Moser, ECON

Ruj Nasongkhla, ENG

Aya Ogishi, ARE

Leonardo Prado, ARE

Roberto Raiimondo, ECON

Malanie Raymond, ARE

Jay C. Shambaugh, ECON

Stephen Stohs, ARE

Jean Twomey, ENG

Marco van Akkeren, ARE

Tsung-Tao Yang, ECON


Professor of Economics J. Bradford DeLong, 601 Evans, #3880
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880
(510) 643-4027 phone; (510) 642-6615 fax

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