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Economics 202a Lecture Outlines, Spring 1998

J. Bradford DeLong
Office Hours: W 10-12 Evans 601
643-4027 (W); 283-2709 (H)

As always seems to happen, the Econ 202a Syllabus page has become the most up-to-date and current page on this course.

I. Introduction

Tuesday Jan 20: Introduction

What this course is:

How this course works:

Student grades will be based on:

Course People

The World Wide Web

Questions, comments, complaints so far?

A word from Petra Geraats

A further note

So let's get started...

What we are going to do

David Romer's Discourse on Modelling

II. Classical and NeoClassical Growth Models

Thursday Jan 22: The Solow Growth Model

The Solow Growth Model

A Note on Robert Solow's Article

A Note on the Problem Set

Tuesday Jan 27: The Solow Growth Model II

Lecture 3 handout


Thursday Jan 29: The Solow Growth Model III



Tuesday Feb 3: The Ramsey Model (problem set 1 due)

Lecture 4 handout; Hamiltonian handout


Thursday Feb 5: The Ramsey Model II

Lecture 5 Lecture Notes


Tuesday Feb 10: The Ramsey Model III

Thursday Feb 12: The Diamond Model (problem set 2 due)


Tuesday Feb 17: The Diamond Model II



III. Endogenous Growth Models

Tuesday Feb 24: Introduction to New Growth Theory


Thursday Feb 26: Endogenous Technological Change




Tuesday Mar 3: New Growth Theory and Knowledge Accumulation




Thursday Mar 5: New Growth Theory and Human Capital (problem set 3 due)




IV. Real Business Cycles

Tuesday Mar 10: Facts About Economic Fluctuations




Thursday Mar 12: Zero-Capital RBC Models




Tuesday Mar 17: More General RBC Models




Thursday Mar 19: Extensions and Limitations (problem set 4 due)




V. "Neo-Keynesian" Models

Tuesday Mar 31: Introduction to Neo-Keynesian Models




Thursday Apr 2: Open-Economy IS-LM (problem set 5 due)




Tuesday Apr 7: The Phillips Curve


Thursday Apr 9: Data Assignment Due

Thursday Apr 9: The Lucas Model




Tuesday Apr 14: Old Keynesianism




Thursday Apr 16: New Keynesianism (problem set 6 due)



VI. Inflation and Macroeconomic Policy

Tuesday Apr 21: Inflation




Thursday Apr 23: Referee Report on Walsh Due

Thursday Apr 23: Central Banking




Tuesday Apr 28: Monetary Policy




Thursday Apr 30: Hyperinflation




Tuesday May 5: Stabilization Policy (problem set 7 due)




Thursday May 7: Summing Up: What We Know and Don't Know



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