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Economics 202a, Spring 1998

J. Bradford DeLong


Course Assignments (and Answers)

This page will contain the assignments for Economics 202a (and the answers as well).

As always seems to happen, the Econ 202a Syllabus page has become the most up-to-date and current page on this course.


Problem Set 1 (due February 3)

The Solow Growth Model



Problem Set 2 (due February 17)

The Ramsey Model and Intertemporal Optimization (late going out due to power outage)


Real Midterm (February 19)


Problem Set 3 (due March 5)

New Growth Theory


Data Assignment (due Thursday, March 19)


Problem Set 4 (due April 2)

"Real" Business Cycles


Problem Set 5 (due April 16)

Old-Fashioned IS-LM

Referee Report on Carl Walsh (due Thursday, May 14)

Carl Walsh (1995), "Optimal Contracts for Central Bankers," American Economic Review 85: pp. 150-67.

One common (and disliked) form of writing that professional Ph.D. economists do is the referee report: a 400 to 1000 word review of an article intended to tell the editor of a journal whether he or she should (a) accept the paper for publication, and (b) if he or she accepts the paper, what revisions he or she should demand before publication.

Referee reports usually try to sketch the place of the paper within the broader literature, outline the argument of the paper--noting places where the argument is less than fully convincing--and assess the extensions or qualifications of the argument made by the author.

Write a relatively long referee report--600 to 1000 words--on Carl Walsh's "Optimal Contracts for Central Bankers." If you had been the one selected to advise the American Economic Review's editors and co-editors, would you have recommended that they publish this paper? Why or why not? If you would have recommended publication, what revisions would you have asked for?

Problem Set 6 (due April 30)

Inflation and Monetary Policy


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