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Dog Haiku:

Is It Really True that "On the Internet, No One Knows that You're a Dog"?

from Doug Johnson...

Send contributions of cat haiku (or other pet haiku).

Special Bonuses: "I'm a Retriever" "Misty the Pink-Nosed Labrador"

I love my master;
Thus I perfume myself with
This long-rotten squirrel.

I lie belly-up
In the sunshine, happier than
You ever will be.

Today I sniffed
Many dog butts--I celebrate
By kissing your face.

I sound the alarm!
Mailman Fiend--come to kill us all!
Look! Look! Look! Look!

I sound the alarm!
Neighbor's cat--come to kill us all!
Look! Look! Look! Look!

My human is home!
I am so ecstatic I have
Made a puddle.

I hate my choke chain--
Look, world, they strangle me! Ack!
Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack!

Sleeping here, my chin
On your foot--no greater bliss--
well, Maybe catching cats

The cat is not all
Bad--she fills the little box
With Tootsie Rolls.

Dig under fence--why?
Because it's there. Because it's
There. Because it's there.

I am your best friend,
Now, always, and especially
When you are eating.

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Feedback is always very welcome...

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