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EHS Classification Codes

Here are the new research codes that the EHA, BHC, EHS, and the Cliometric Society are using:


Enter the codes from the lists below. Select a subject, geographic area, and time period for each of your interests, and please write in the name of the specific country or region. E.g., the interest code for American female labor force participation during World War II would be: T7 US 9.

Subject(s):/ Geographic Area:/ Country or Region (write in):/ Time Period:


A Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Extractive Industries
B Business History
C Development of the Economic History Discipline: Historiography; Sources and Methods
D Economic Development, Growth, and Aggregate Productivity
E Economic Planning and Policy
F Economywide Country Studies and Comparative History
G Education And Human Resource Development
H Financial Markets, Financial Institutions, and Monetary History
I Government, Law and Regulation, Public Finance
J Historical Demography, including Migration
K Historical Geography
L History of Economic Thought
M History of Technology, including Technological Change
P Household, Family and Consumer History
Q Income and Wealth
R Industry: Manufacturing and Construction
S International and Domestic Trade and Relations
T Labor and Employment History
U Living Standards, Anthropometric History, Economic Anthropology
V Macroeconomics and Fluctuations
W Markets and Institutions
X Social and Cultural History, including Race, Ethnicity and Gender
Y Transport and Distribution, Energy, and Other Services
Z Urban and Regional History


Please select the appropriate continent code, then write in the specific country or region of interest.

0 General, International, or Comparative
1 Africa
2 Asia
3 Australia/New Zealand, incl. Pacific Islands
4 Europe
5 Latin America, incl. Mexico and the Caribbean
6 Middle East
7 North America


0 General or Comparative
1 Prehistoric
2 Ancient
3 Medieval
4 16th Century
5 17th Century
6 18th Century
7 19th Century
8 20th Century: Pre WWII
9 20th Century: WWII and post-WWII


Created 7/191996
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